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SmartSpine Lavender  $145.00 



The Original SmartSpine© is a double-padded track that gently guides the vertebrae into better alignment. The track follows the contours of the spine and provides gentle, even acupressure.
Your own body weight determines the pressure while rebalancing overactive muscles. The spine is passively introduced to the feeling of length and optimal alignment, which transfers to all upright positions.
Reconnection to body, mind and movement awareness through a healthier spine and increased proprioception

For movement educators, the SmartSpine assists verbal and tactile cueing, as well as efficiently coaching the client to reach the full movement potential in their bodies, while making posture and alignment easy, functional and attainable.

The focus centers on the entire length of the spine, the deep abdominals, and consequently, the posture. The SmartSpine is designed to enhance and assist floor exercises or may be used in the Pilates practice with all Pilates equipment.

Immediate positioning sense breaks habitual holding patterns, while promoting healthy movement.  Tactile communication is an aid for the entire body increasing somatic awareness and deepening the benefits and experience of both  standard and therapeutic exercise programs.

The SmartSpine offers a multitude of benefits, by itself or used in group classes.




The SmartSpine is a  green product made of 100% organic grade hemp and cotton blend. It delivers 150% satisfaction and is designed to emphasize the optimal well being of the client through a healthy, mobile and flexible spine.

The selected filling consists of 100% natural, food-grade organic ingredients. The infusion of organic French Lavender enhances focus and relaxation and the "aromatherapy" properties increase as the SmartSpine is briefly warmed in a microwave.


Applications: Your SmartSpine can be used in many fields other than Pilates, to find out more about other applications, click here to read more

Exercises: The SmartSpine can be used in a plethora of ways, follow this link to see a few basic exercises using the SmartSpine, click here to see some examples.

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